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Disclosure of Risk

Trading and the execution of financial transactions similar to those described and/or resulting from this agreement, with or without the use of high financial leverage, is speculative trading of high risk. You must seriously and carefully consider if this type of financial activity suits your needs, personal circumstances and your financial resources.

As the risk of losing some, or all, of the invested funds in a relatively short period of time is high, it is recommended that you use only funds which you have reserved for speculative, high risk financial transactions.

In particular, be aware of the following points :

- 1. High financial leverage in the trading of commodities, currency and other financial derivatives, is created based on collateral of a low sum relative to the total transaction. The results of trading with high financial leverage are that a small change in market prices, within a short period of time, may cause substantial gain or loss, proportional to the size of the collateral, up to the total loss of the collateral sum in a very short period of time.

- 2. The swing of the rates in the currency markets, commodities and financial assets are often sharp without the ability to predict the size or direction of the change or the time frame in which it occurs.

This warning does not include all the possible risks connected with this type of transactions mentioned and/or result from this agreement.

obs bank

شركة OBS Bank هي شركة بنكية التي تُقدم خدمات استثمارية في عدة مجالات ,ان ابرز هذه المجالات هي تداول الاسهم والسلع والعملات في سوق الاوراق المالية, كما نقدم خدمات استثمارية طويلة المدى مثل العقار.

يمكن لكل شخص تعدى العمر القانوني بدأ مسيرته الاستثمارية الان برفقة طاقم محترف من مدراء حسابات, خبراء اقتصادين, ومدربين متخصصين في سوق الاوراق المالية.

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